Yancy Culp

Owner, Yancy Camp

Graphic Awakening has been designing and managing websites for me for approximately 10 years.  I firmly believe that running a business that’s driven by an effective Website requires a strong business relationship with the Website team.  This is exactly what I have with John and Anita Young at Graphic Awakening.

Here are some of the high points I believe are important for you to know if you’re considering using them to build and manage your site.

  1. They care about the vision and passion you have for your business.  This may sound simple, but for 10 years they have never lost sight of showing me how much they care about my vision.
  2. They recently built, designed, and now help me manage YancyCamp.com, and it wasn’t a cookie cutter site.  It took lots of patience on their part as I explained my vision, and they always left me with a smile on my face after every phone call or reading their email questions or replies.  They have a genuine way of helping you understand how the process works and actually helping you understand the process without ever feeling overwhelmed.  This is so so so important to me.
  3. There are thousands of Website builders/designers out there that promise quick creation, and throw out misleading pricing.  If you’re serious about your Website, and having a team who truly cares about helping you succeed, there is absolutely no reason for you to look elsewhere.  They’ll always give you that comfortable “mom and pop” business feel that we all truly enjoy.