Graphic Awakening, Inc.

Graphic Awakening, Inc. began providing Web & graphic design services in 2000. From its humble beginnings in San Diego, CA, Graphic Awakening, Inc. has grown in experience and clientele and moved across several states. Now settled in Wooster, OH, we continue to provide exceptional customer service and proven products that incorporate both for-profit and non-profit organizations and businesses. Our suite of Web services include a litany of skills: custom and WordPress Website design, custom graphics, branding, social media marketing (contests, coupons), email capture, online subscription services, online marketing tools, SSL certification, and online shopping cart solutions.

Our Co-Founder and President, Anita Young, is a licensed registered dietitian nutritionist and a Web and graphic designer. She started designing Websites in college out of curiosity, and following graduation, quickly built a clientele of nutrition and physical activity-related organizations. Having earned her RDN credential enables Graphic Awakening, Inc. to communicate on the same plane with our health and wellness clients.

Our Director of Operations, John Young, has a broad spectrum of experience.  A United States Naval Academy graduate and retired Commander with a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, he has the in-depth technical background to understand and meet customer needs.  Additionally, John also has over 15 years of experience in the corporate environment as a Quality and Operations manager for Fortune 500 companies including Siemens and Pentair.

Programmers, web maintenance personnel and graphic design professionals also are integral to our total Web Presence establishment.  So, large or small, technical or profound, Graphic Awakening has the personnel and experience to understand your unique business requirements.

Our best endorsement is continual renewal and longevity; we have maintained clients for well over a decade. Graphic Awakening has produced a broad spectrum of Webs and Graphics. Our projects have included real estate, private jet services, camp ground facilities, health care providers, nutrition organizations and individual practitioners, and a myraid of others. This diverse background enables us to draw from a vast experience base to provide you a unique and functional Web Presence. Custom programming, databases and cutting edge techniques are our forte.

The goal of Graphic Awakening is to provide a Web Presence for each client that creates a clear and vibrant brand and is an intuitive, functional tool for members or customers. We create an easy-to-use environment that will drive your business to help you succeed. Contact us today!