Custom PHP and Databases

Graphic Awakening creates custom PHP solutions, both database and programmed content. If you can imagine it, we can build it!  There is no business exactly like yours; sometimes using a standard product is exactly what you need.  However, if you require a specialized solution for your unique application, that is what we do.

Why create a custom solution?  The goal of business is success.  Managing resources is integral to achieving your goals.  It does not matter if you are Bill Gates or a fledgling business owner, resources are not unlimited.  The limits are different, but finite.  Automation is a proven technique to save time and money.  There are a multitude of great software products that can improve your companies productivity; however, sometimes a custom solution creates such a competitive advantage over your competition. In this case, a custom solution makes more sense.

How do I know when to create a custom solution?  You must set specific defined goals within a set time for your business.  Achieving those goals will require milestones.  If you cannot achieve your milestones with standard products, then exploring a custom application is an option.

I am not a computer geek, how do I know what to ask for?  You set the results not the code.  Be specific in what you want the solution to accomplish.  An example would be to fully automate one of your processes, such as event registration.  Lay out the steps of your current process and define the input and output of each step in real terms, not computer terms as it happens today.  Include who does each step and how much time is used for each process.  Before any programming is done, you the client, should know exactly how much time, money, and resources you expect to gain through the automation.

Feel free to contact us with any questions not addressed above.