Social Media Campaigns

Campaigns are not just for political candidates.  A key element to growth is specific targeted activities that laser your message exactly where and when it is most effective.

Social media is just all about gossip, right?  Social Media is a communication tool.  The substance of the conversation is set by the participants.  When you are out today, take a moment to look around you.  How many individuals have phones, tablets, or iPad Minis?  These are people you can speak to with your message.  There are literally millions of folks connected through social media.

What is a Social Media Campaign?  A Social Media Campaign is a targeted effort to produce a result.  Utilizing Social Media, your voice or message is projected onto today’s most diverse communication network.  It has a finite time period, specific components, and a defined goal.  An example is a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram health marketing blitz to rally 100 new customers in the month of January – just in time for New Years’ resolutions.

I am not familiar with Social Media; can I be successful?  Social media is very unstructured and as such, it allows for great flexibility.  If you can explain your message in a conversation, you can be successful on Social Media.

If it is that easy, why doesn’t everybody use it?  Easy was not a term used above.  Simple is a more appropriate term. Television, radio, billboards, etc. are infinitely more complicated than putting a message out on Social Media.  However, with so much volume going on in the Social Media universe, getting your message through and resonating takes forethought and understanding.

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