Graphic Awakening

Graphic Awakening offers a myriad of services designed to create a winning formula for your business.

  • Web Presence

    The Web can be accessed from anywhere, and it will only get easier. Is your product or service available when a search is made? Many people will not use a service that does not have a Web or social media presence. Still others wait till the last minute, and use their electronic connection to find a needed service – literally at their fingertips. (more…)

  • Marketing

    Marketing what you have to offer is a time-tested way to grow your business.  The key is getting the content you want to your target audience, when they are ready to make a decision.  We can help. (more…)

  • Branding

    When someone sees your company logo or hears you company name, do they immediately think of your products and services?  Effective branding is a key element to maximizing your marketing and advertising dollars.  The best examples of  branding are companies like Xerox, Coke, and Jello that have made their name synonymous with their entire product category.   (more…)

  • Custom PHP and Databases

    Graphic Awakening creates custom PHP solutions, both database and programmed content. If you can imagine it, we can build it!  There is no business exactly like yours; sometimes using a standard product is exactly what you need.  However, if you require a specialized solution for your unique application, that is what we do. (more…)

  • Social Media Campaigns

    Campaigns are not just for political candidates.  A key element to growth is specific targeted activities that laser your message exactly where and when it is most effective. (more…)

  • Website Maintenance

    Managing the content of your Web Presence can completely consume the time of one or more of your employees. Trying to stay current with the latest electronic trends and techniques, and efficiently adding daily or weekly messaging requires someone familiar with today’s fast moving media world. Let our Web professionals handle this task for you seamlessly, freeing you and your staff to concentrate on what you do best. (more…)


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    Yancy Culp

    Owner, Yancy Camp

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    Amy Scott-MacLean

    Former Executive Director, Virginia Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics