Web Presence

The Web can be accessed from anywhere, and it will only get easier. Is your product or service available when a search is made? Many people will not use a service that does not have a Web or social media presence. Still others wait till the last minute, and use their electronic connection to find a needed service – literally at their fingertips.

Why does your business need a Web Presence?   The single best answer is communication.  Today people can access information through computers, phones, ipads, interactive home devices such as Amazon’s Echo, and tomorrow promises even more.  Your Web Presence is your entrance into the conversation.

So what type of information is right?  There are almost as many factors as answers to that question.  Some businesses simply need to let customers know where they are located, when they are open, and how to contact them. Others may need to fully explain what products or services they provide or explain a new technology. The fact is over 2.4 billion people access the internet, and 90% have either made a purchase or used it to get information about a business.

If you had a potential customer standing in front of you what would you say?  You might talk about the benefits of your products, customer comparisons, your experience or results, your commitment or how your passion translates into a better product or service. You want to begin a relationship. The term “connection” is widely used on the internet and in social media. This is your opportunity to connect one-on-one with potential customers.

Is this a one-way conversation?  The answer to this question is up to you.  Traditional media, such as radio, television, flyers, etc., are only one-way communication methods. The Internet and social media allow for a full conversation. More and more people rely on customer ratings and reviews to determine where they are going to spend their money.  Ratings, feedback surveys, blogs and forums are just some of the ways generate traffic to your business.

What if the feedback or rating is bad?  This is the power of feedback; both good and bad are available. The reason customers utilize these ratings and reviews is so they can avoid a bad experience. Businesses that treat people fairly and follow-up on customer complaints are very well represented.  Your Web Presence must be properly set up and maintained. Companies that follow-up off-line with customers and provide common-sense resolution can have this reflected in their ratings.   A public back and forth on Twitter or Facebook with an irate customer is not good business, and should be avoided.

What if I do not have time to add this to my current responsibilities?  The internet is open 24/7 and can be a significant time and money savings; however, the old adage, “you can not get something for nothing,” applies. The Web can work for you around the clock, on holidays and weekends, and in far away places.  Just like every other part of your business your Web Presence results will be a function of your efforts and decisions. We can help build your Web Presence, and make the Web work for you.

Feel free to contact us with any questions not addressed above.