Marketing what you have to offer is a time-tested way to grow your business.  The key is getting the content you want to your target audience, when they are ready to make a decision.  We can help.

Why is marketing essential to growth and success?   Marketing is the projection or presentation of your business to an audience in a finite time period.  The ideal scenario is to project the most favorable impression of your business directly to customers who are ready to purchase.

Do you know your customers and potential customers?   Successful marketing takes forethought, coordination, and identifying the right opportunities to maximize your dollars and efforts. Many businesses continually hammer the same group of potential clients with marketing.  The Internet and social media provide an ever expanding client base.  Understanding what is going on in your community is a great advantage.  Here are two examples.  The first example is a sporting goods company being aware of a local hockey tournament, and placing a special offer ad/banner on the tournament registration Web page.  People traveling are often looking for a “deal” not available at home.  A second example uses the term “community” in a different way.  Community can also refer to a group with a similar passion although dispersed nationally or globally.  In this example, the sporting goods store could coordinate their tent sale with the posting of a popular camping blog’s annual tent review providing a link to the store’s ecommerce site.

Are you getting all the assistance you can?   Creating relationships with complimentary businesses is a great way to expand your base.  There is a reason why the peanut vendor is the first to arrive in your section at the ballgame, followed closely by the beverage vendor.  Do you know what businesses share complimentary customers with your business?

Are you communicating positively with your clients?   Business is ultimately the result of a person or people making a choice.  A five-cent neighborhood lemonade stand and a multi-billion dollar corporation have this in common.  In the case of the corporation, the decision to purchase might be a million dollar board ruling or a supply manager’s selection of the best ad pitch.  The decision to purchase from the lemonade stand is often a well-meaning neighbor or a thirsty teen mowing the lawn.  In all cases, an individual makes a choice to purchase or not.  Business and repeat business is about relationships, creating them, growing them, and maintaining them.  Relationships do not happen or stay healthy without communication.

Is your message in-sync with your customers?   Special events, holidays, and the seasons are opportunities to make new connections.   Are you positioned to get your message to the customer as the environment changes either unexpectedly or on cue?

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